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Cultural Concept

Cultural Concept

Logo meaning:

In 1996, Jiushun Enterprise Management founded; on September 28,1998, head office was set up in Shanghai.

Jiu: means permanent, long, agelong, show the confidence and determination of significant development, sustainable business and creating centenary foundation.

Shun: means well, smooth, prosperous , represents the career of Jiushun Enterprise Management flourish and grow.

People of Jiushun Enterprise Management conceive and design company Logo.

Fundamental color is big red, like the rising sun at eight or nine, stand proudly at eastChina, also the biggest city ofChina- Shanghai, the more rich connotation there are:

The Logo is formed by two letters "J, Q", they are abbreviations of Chinese  "JiuQian", simple harmony and easy decent, the blank of simple outline give people many

The counterclockwise rotation 90 °of Logo comes out a "C". The Logo is also formed by two letters " Q, C", quality management system was evolved from QC group. QC is the abbreviations of many English words, has the meaning of quality inspection, quality management and quality authentication, it is the most appropriate to be used for Logo!

The counterclockwise rotation 90 °of Logo, "J" becomes "E", CE is ec access certification, Jiushun Enterprise Management has the core advantage in medical devices CE certification consulting.

Look at the Logo carefully again, and what will you find?

Management consulting experts has two unique skills: eyes look and mouth speak. Jiushun Enterprise Management only work for consultation, work on the skill of opening mouth, communication and counselling.

Audit triangle

just says these two unique skills, Logo embody the industry characteristics cleverly, it is  originality.

The color of Logo is red, it is the symbol of science, wisdom and innovation, representing the career of Jiushun Enterprise Management is a high-tech and excellent career.

Actually, there are many more meanings of Logo, they are all in the mind of Jiushun Enterprise Management leader.

Development concepts, policies, objectives:

Development concept : JiuShun enterprise management create value for you.

Quality policy: service required and service satisfaction.

Environmental policy: comply with pro-environment rules, spread the concept of pro-environment, Guide the trends of pro-environment, protect the green earth.

Occupational health and safety policy: providing good environment, protect employee safety; Pay attention to professional planning, advocate joyful work.

Service objective: provide strong consultation, average one day/week. Provide effective training,  100 % passing percent. Enhance the management level, 90 %customer satisfaction. One-time  through certification audit, 100 % passing percent.

Service features: precise style, rich strength, practicing standardized, scientific management.

Service commitment: realistic, considerate, fast and efficient.

Work style: exquisite skills, dutiful dedication, sustainable study, solidarity and brave advance.