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Hot job recruitment

Core Competitiveness

Antecessor: the antecessor of domestic management consulting industry, one of the earliest established domestic consulting company.

Leader: the leader of domestic management consulting industry, and as a national quality certification training center Shanghai training site, the earliest published advertisement of training students in massive media. The professional consultant widely spread over the certification institutions, consulting institutions and training institutions, outstanding persons were promoted to senior auditors or senior consultants, they are the hard core and backbone of authentication consultation building.

Professional experience: the largest scale and the most influential domestic authentication consultation organization, technology is applicable inChinaand western, blends them together and creates value, benefits the enterprise. provides first-class certification consulting services for more than 5,000 customers and accumulates rich professional experience, including the world top 500 enterprises and listed companies, group companies.

Professional range: to enhance the core competitiveness of customers as self duty, customizes professional services in the different stages of enterprise: a professional institution proficient in various system certification consultation, medical device certification consultation, CFDA registration consultation, European Authorised representative service, medical device add-value service, certification training, management training and management consultation. At the same time as the only training institution of NECCA in Shanghai.

Characteristic services: Jiushun Enterprise Management has been the professional institution of medical device omni-directional, complete coverage, full penetration in medical device certification consulting and its extension supporting service, and it has the approval documents by state Certification and Accreditation Adiminstration, it has good cooperation and communication with the Notified Body TUV, CFDA and the eu authorities for more than 15 years, is the real leading enterprise.

Professional talents: As national quality certification training center Shanghai training site, cultivate more than 9000 national ranked internal auditors and more than 1,000 national senior auditor or auditors, the best students of these national registration auditors join in Jiushun Enterprise Management, composing the huge excellent consultants repository. Jiushun Enterprise Management also owns the perfect talent incentive mechanism, gathers more than 300 domestic first-class senior consultants and consultants, they have mastered the advanced management concept, management knowledge and management tool, have the corresponding professional abundant trade consulting experience, enjoy the best reputation in the industry.

Data resource: Owing to the large, rich counseling practice of Jiushun Enterprise Management, builds the corresponding database: medical device, IT, the automobile and automobile parts, electrical and electronic and photoelectric equipment, machinery and equipment, service, food and beverage and tobacco, textile, leather products, paper products, publishing industry, printing, chemical industry, construction, building materials, metal products, plastic, transportation warehouse, finance, real estate, trade, property management, education, basically covers 39 categories of international guidelines released. For example: medical device documents repository has concentrating over 20000 sets of technical documents, and more than 5,000 coordinating standards.

Information resources: rely on various prestigious university such as Shanghai jiaotong university, Tongji university, Fudan university, Shanghai university, Zhongshan university, sun yat-sen university, Institutes of technology of south China, Central China university of science and technology, Wuhan university, Zhejiang university, Shanghai international studies university, Guangdong university of foreign studies, Shenzhen university, Renmin university of China, Tsinghua university, Beijing university, the university of Cambridge, Oxford University and so on, and Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Food and Drug Administration and Ministry of Information Industry, and a large number of industry association, all kinds of authentication and training institution, compose unimpeded information channels and have a group of experts from all walks of life for the enterprise developments.

Professional service: adopt the strong interactive mode of senior experts door-to-door, provide realistic, considerate, fast and efficient counselling. Work style is exquisite skills, dutiful dedication. The company internal implementing strict quality control system to ensure compliance with the requirements of contract at the same time.

Green material mark: on August 12,2004, Jiushun Enterprise Management was awarded "China green material mark" Shanghai authorization, provide professional guidance to the  building materials needed to with green marks in Olympic Games 2008 and venue of the world expo 2010, also offer help to large building materials with green marks required in municipal engineering, residential and office building.

European authorized representative: on March 12, 2007, become the big shareholders of Lotus Global. Lotus Global in London provides european authorized representative service for medical device enterprises.

Focus on customer: “ the only invariant thing is constant change, the development stem from play to the score. Only have a good knowledge of customer requirements and fully grasp the market pulse. Then integrate resources to meet the requirements that is only good idea to the survival and development of company,." Jiushun Enterprise Management summarizes these points, followed by the principle to focus on customers, enhance customer satisfaction, and implement within corporations. Functional departments survey through the market, predict or direct communication with customers, to determine the requirements and expectations  of customers, then translates convert to specific requirements, and communicate at all levels in the internal company, integrate resources to meet the requirements. These specific requirements include laws and regulations demand of consulting institutions.

Reputation and credibility: formal professional working model, unique and fruitful consultation method, consultation content and result evaluation system, perfect customer relationship management system, always owns the best reputation and credibility in the industry.