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Certificate of Free Sale (CFS)

Certificate of Free Sale (CFS)

According to EU regulations, products with CE-certificate or CE-mark can be sold freely in whole EU.

But to the non-EU countries, Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) issued by EU government is required for the CE-marked products.

Process of CFS application

Basic information→Registration contract→Sample of registration form→ Material check→

Submit to UK Government→Negotiation with the government→Certificate of Free Sale (CFS)

The content of CFS mainly includes: certificate number, product name, specifications, Manufacturers/exporters name and address, product code, name of the license issuing agency, etc.

Foreign Certificate Notarization

Notarization:   Chamber of Commerce Notarization

Embassy Notarization

Hague Notarization

More and more MD buyers from non-EU countries lay stress on the Notarization of relevant certificates issued by the EU government.

Process of Notarization

Basic information of you→Entrust notarization contract→Submit to Chamber of Commerce or Embassy to notarize→Negotiation with the Chamber of Commerce or Embassy→Notarization certificate

The sample certificate