Lotus Global Introduction

Lotus Global Introduction

LOTUS GLOBAL(Lotus Global Co Ltd,Lotus NL B.V. ) was established under the approval of the British government (Registration No. 6152108) and the Dutch government (Registration No. 72313072). It works to provide manufacturers (including traders) in Non-EU countries and regions with professional services, including satisfying CE certification requirements of European Authorized Representative service, MHRA registration, CIBG registration, FSC registration, embassy authentication, and other professional services for the medical device companies. The European authorized representative service is applicable to the following products: medical devices, In Vitro Diagnostic Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), machinery, toys, cosmetics, Low-voltage Devices (LVD), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) products, WEEE Directive products, RoHS Directive products, and other CE marking products.

As one of the earliest European Authorized Representatives entering China Market, LOTUS GLOBAL has more than 10 years of experience in great service communication and cooperation with Competent Authority such as MHRA、CIBG and FDA. And it has successfully provided the service for 2500 Chinese manufacturers putting products into the EU market, conforming to European standards and regulation, providing professional training, dealing with European customs, governments, clients and developing the European new market and new clients.

LOTUS GLOBAL(Lotus Global Co Ltd,Lotus NL B.V. ) is the only professional European representative company with local employees and offices in Europe (London in the US, the Hague in the Netherlands), the United States (Ohio) and China (Shanghai). LOTUS GLOBAL(Lotus Global Co Ltd,Lotus NL B.V. ) initiates an intimate and global service mode in three places, which has already provided high-quality services to 2500 customers with more than 40 listed companies involved: Lepu Medical (Stock Code: 300003), Andon Health (Stock Code: 002432), Shanghai Laishi (Stock Code: 002252), Harbin Tian Di Ren (Online on the list in NASDAQ, CSKI), etc.

Depending on more than 5000 enormous client group of its strong stockholder JOYSUN GROUP, LOTUS GLOBAL fully incarnate the market discipline that the stronger always be the stronger. LOTUS GLOBAL adhering to the "Practical and Realistic" purpose; "Scientific and strict" attitude; and "Enthusiasm and Integrity" service has won the trust of many NB in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Norway and etc.

So great achievements of LOTUS GLOBAL wondered and envied by industry come from JOYSUN GROUP, which enjoys a high reputation in the field of medical device consulting. JOYSUN GROUP was set up in 1996. For more than 20 years of development, it has become the medical device professional technical service company of the best competence, the largest scale and the maximum clients in China. For 300~500 new clients every year and more than 5000 old client group, LOTUS GLOBAL does not need to have any advertisement and market promotion, but the steady client group still keep growing every year.

The members of LOTUS GLOBAL come from the elites in the industry of medical device, law circle, certification authority, notified body, scientific research institutes, and academies, accounting firm, medical technology, insurance, etc. They are skillful at dealing with problem confusing trading company and manufacture, such as laws and regulations, technical standards, coordinate settlement of claims, and other problems that perplex the international trader and manufacturer, and service timely, considerately and passionately.

Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Microport Orthopedics Co., Ltd.


Laishi Transfusion Equipment Co.,Ltd

Harbin Tian Di Ren Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd.


InTec Products,Inc.

Shenzhen new industries biomedical engineering co.,ltd

Beijing Target Medical Technologies, Inc.

TemMed Medical Co., Ltd

Wuxi Medical Instrument Factory

Shanghai Angel Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Tonglu Sophisticated Endoscope Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Yada Technology Group Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Mednova Medical Technologies Co., Ltd

Wuhan BBT Medical Tech. Co.,Ltd.


Codent Technical Industry

American Scientific Resources Inc

etc.(more than 2500 companies)