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The Difference Between Lotus Global and Common European Authorized Representative

No.ContentLotus GlobalCommon EAR

Company Position and Strategic

1. Lotus Global relies on the rich client resource and technical resource of Jiushun Enterprise Management, two parties have division and cooperation, and complement each other's advantages. They forge the aircraft carrier of European authorized representative service together.

2. Lotus Global choose the most internationalized Shanghai in domestic, its office is in downtown busy section, and office property is self-purchased. This itself is strength, but also provide sufficient confidence and guarantee to customers!

3. Jiushun Enterprise Management as a professional medical devices certification consulting and supporting service company. From its set up in 1996, through ten years of development, Jiushun Enterprise Management has become the medical device professional service organization of the greatest qualification, the biggest scale, the maximum customers.

1.The contact person and site of common EAR are both in Europe, it has time difference and communication is inconvenient.

2. Even some companies established branch company in China, due to lack of customer resources causes such company can not continue to operate, it has the risk to be closed by head company at any time.

3. Technical resource is a bottleneck to common EAR, also be insurmountable obstacle.
2Brand, ReputationWell-known, it is a household word in the industry, its achievement is great. Add deep government background, and cooperate closely with the government, the projects are almost batch.Common EAR can only through one company after another to negotiate and get the projects, lack of continuity and sustainability.
3Qualification, Approval DocumentsHave five copies of approval documents containing CCAA, to be the member of authentication association and the medical device association simultaneously.Common EAR  have no chance to get approval documents of CCAA. But involving relevant business of medical device certification consulting must have approval documents, otherwise it is illegal.
4Technical Force

1. Jiushun Enterprise Management is the east point of  national quality certificate training center. Since 1996 has fostered thousands of auditors and internal auditors, participants spread each announcement body, certification institution, government department, and various medical device enterprises all over the country.

2. Of course the most excellent students become the part of Jiushun Enterprise Management consulting experts.

3. Jiushun Enterprise Management has more than 5000 customer group. A huge amount of  certification consultations, technical documentations, certification training cases and experiences are all open to Lotus Global and its customers.

4 for customers that cooperating with Lotus Global is equivalent to have successful experience and guarantee of more than 5000 customers.

1. Technical resources for common EAR company is a bottleneck. Medical device technical consultation is a technique work of very high professional requirements, common EAR has no systematic overall research of the series of activities from design, development, procurement, manufacturing, inspection, identification, to technical documents, coordinating standards, clinical evaluation, language labels, packaging validation, sterilization validation, risk analysis, testing analysis, vigilance system, incident handling, accident corrective action report.

2. The customer quantity and resources of common EAR company are limited, so it is difficult to get safeguard from it.
5Value-added ServicesExcept for European authorized representative service, Lotus Global has all the resources and services of Jiushun Enterprise Management, including technical resource, document resource, language tag resource, regulations resource, experts resource, government resource, translation resource, and other auxiliary resources. Common EAR do not have and can not provide value-added services, once clients meet any question ,it can only solve by themselves and it will cost numerous time, energy, money. 
6Service Consciousness, Procedure

1. Lotus Global follow the principle of focusing on customers trying to enhance customers satisfaction, and implement within company and alliance institutions.

2. Lotus Global itself establish system according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 to implement.

3. Jiushun Enterprise Management meets the registration requirements of country to certification consulting institution in the aspects of hardware facilities, human resources, service process control, training process control, documentation control, customer complaint management, etc. It gets the approval through the audit of CCAA and accepting the government supervision.
Common EAR company usually has no documented execution procedures. 
7Service Efficiency

1. Lotus Global and Jiushun Enterprise Management have a clear work division and work effectively.

2. Lotus Global can call for the services of senior experts of Jiushun Enterprise Management, such as providing label design, translation at any time.

3. The senior experts of Jiushun Enterprise Management during customer accident investigation can assist customers to analysis reasons and take effective corrective measures at any time.

1. The common EAR company cannot in-depth guide clients.

2. Response at a slower speed, low efficiency.

8Price QualityPrice quality is high.Price quality is low.
9Accident Investigation Cost Jiushun Enterprise Management and Lotus Global share out the work and cooperate with each other, won't produce domestic travel expenses.The European staff of common EAR company may fly toChinato carry out related matters such as accident investigation, the customer may undertake international or domestic air ticket and accommodation fee.
10Other Advantages

1. Except for providing European authorized representative service, Lotus Global also provide a lot of value-added services. Please browse the web site of Jiushun Enterprise Management for specific contents.

2. Except for the good cooperation with EU government, when necessary Lotus Global can also provide related services ofUKstudy, and undertake the tasks of the British university communication, the guardian and pick up.

3. Lotus Global cooperates with many famous England University :such as Oxford University、Cambridge University、University of Warwick 、The University of Durham、Exeter University、University of Bristol、The University of Bath、Edinburgh University 、Leicester University、Southampton University、Loughborough University、The University of Sheffield, etc.
Common EAR does not have these advantages.

How to find a good european authorized representative?

First step-“search”: Search the address of European authorized representative on Google; whether there is some relationship with some illegal company (such as financial fraud company), and whether several companies are registered in one address. If one or two complied, that company must be use a virtual office address. Enterprise can never use such company!

Two measure-“call”: you can call the phone of European authorized representative in European working time (usually after 4 o 'clock afternoon in Beijing time), if no staff answer and instead of recording that means it is a recording telephone, there is no personnel in the office in Europe. Imagine if you cooperate with such company, when your products got some problems in the EU, how can you still find people to solve the problem?

We don’t want you to spend money and cooperate with a company which looks like to be a big company with many branches all over the world. But actually, it is just a very bad company with “virtual office”+ “recording telephone”!


Lotus Global comparing with the common European authorized representative has its unparalleled advantages:        

Big company, long history, good brand, considerate service, strong technique power, high price quality, Lotus Global is your best choice!